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Web Design Packages and Pricing

Website design pricing can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project.

Generally, it will include the cost of design, development, hosting, and maintenance components.

Design costs can include creating a custom template, custom graphics, and other design elements.

Development costs cover coding and integration of any necessary features or functionality.

Hosting and maintenance fees cover the cost of keeping the website up and running, as well as keeping it secure. Hosting also includes a Dashboard to manage business info, contacts, plus billing and payments for eCommerce.

Website Creation Pricing Components


 We can research your  top competitors websites: the good, the bad, and how you can do better.

   Check the Research description on the home page.

   Price varies, depending on the number of competitors to analyze.


Design and Develop

The price for one static web page starts at $150; for dynamic pages, price depends on the page complexity.

   A standard eCommerce product page is $250 – reusable for all products from online store.

   SEO included.

Web Hosting and Launch

   Initial website setup is $200, or $400 for eCommerce setup.

   Web hosting prices are around $20 – $40 per month, i.e. $240 – $480 per year.

   See below for web hosting and services prices details.

Web Hosting and Services

Basic plan

$19/month = $228/year

​Custom domain (your site web address aka URL)

Free domain for 1 year.

Free SSL certificate.

Automated marketing tools.

Storage space 10 GB.

No eCommerce.

Standard Plan

$27/month, or $324/year

Basic plan, plus:

Accept payments, recurring payments. 

Sell on marketplaces and social channels.

Bookings platform. Events Calendar. Site chat.

Storage space 50 GB.

Plus Plan

$34/month, or $408/year

Standard plan, plus:

10 site collaborators,

10,000 CMS items,

5 different currencies,

Point of Sale (POS)

Storage space 120 GB.


Web Design Bottom Line Price

   Sample price for a 3-page website:

  • 3 web pages, each $150:
    • Home page, with header and footer,
    • Services page, with description of your services,
    • Contact page, with Contacts CRM on Dashboard.

  • Initial website setup $200
  • Basic hosting plan for 1 year $228

Total $878 for the design, setup and 1 year web hosting.